Miracles and Rubies / The Grey Friar / pencil

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Drawing: Pencil on paper 18  x 11 cm   1991.
Art for "Miracles and Rubies" "Gemau A Gwyrthiau" By Clare Cooper.

Page 29 "The grey friar was staring at Matildas ruby necklace. "

The year is 1340 and young Owain is journeying on a pilgrimage to Canterbury to be cured. He is accompanied by Father Illtyd and a mixed group of pilgrims. They travel through Wales visiting holy places on the way. There are stories of medieval castles, the different holy orders in the monasteries, the influence of the Normans in ancient Wales, Welsh folklore, together with a travelogue of sacred sites of our land. Owain, our reluctant hero, is seeking a cure for injuries he sustained in a riding accident. Mystery and intrigue follow the pilgrims. Thieves and vagabonds try to rob them of their offerings to God. As the story progresses, we see how Owain has to struggle against self-pity, anger, frustration and lack of worth. His spiritual faith develops on the way, finally allowing him to open his heart to the kindness of others and to achieve his reward


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