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Megan the Doberman: Acrylic on canvas. 16"X20" 2007

For this painting I used a prestretched canvas that comes ready primed with acrylic primer.This will allow thin watery washes to be applied directly onto the surface.
This is the method I use to make my paintings, starting off with very thin, loose washes, and progressively tightening and modifying the image through several, sometimes many, transparent layers.

"gazarts.co.uk | image | jpg | doberman | demo 2"

After taking several photos of Megan, outside in natural light, I decided on a pose that I liked and sketched a rough ( but careful ) outline onto the canvas. I then scumbled a raw umber wash into the canvas and begin to block in the underlying tones of the dog with raw sienna, raw umber and burnt umber washes.

"gazarts.co.uk | image | jpg | doberman | demo 3"

Now I start building up the colours in the dog and the background simultaneously with thin washes , concentrating on attempting to capture megans' expression.

"gazarts.co.uk | image | jpg | doberman | demo 4"

At this point , using washes of raw and burnt sienna,and raw and burnt umber, I adjust the colours of Megans coat and the background, paying particular attention to her eyes, nose and collar and then blocking in the grass she's lying on.

Doberman demo image 5

Now I can see Megans' personality beginning to show and I start working on the subtle colour differences in Megans coat and the delicate lighting around her face to intensify her expression.

Doberman demo image

This is the final stage , where I adjust the overall contrast and colouration of the image with washes, concentrating on how the light falls on her coat and creating a sense of depth by suggesting some detail to the background. The work is then finished with two coats of mat acrylic varnish.